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You all know about me that my husband is in the army. You also know about my figure that seeing my fair body, thin waist, long silky hair, tight buttocks and thick breasts, not only boys but even old people are forced to masturbate. Not only boys but even old men yearn to impress me.

So now I come to my story.
It was a few days ago, my husband’s uncle had come to our house, who would be around 50 years old but is completely healthy and fit. Whenever he came to our house, he would often stare at me, sometimes at my big ass and sometimes at my breasts coming out of my deep throat.
I also recognized his eyes but he could not do anything in the presence of his in-laws and father-in-law.

While having dinner, father-in-law opened the bottle of liquor because uncle was very fond of liquor and used to drink till he was full, father-in-law did not drink that much but today he also had too much.
My mother-in-law and I went to sleep in our respective rooms, but uncle became so tight that it was difficult to even walk.

It was already 11 o’clock at night when my father-in-law called me. When I went out, my father-in-law said – Daughter-in-law, look at this, your uncle has fallen asleep here… I tried a lot to wake him up and take him inside, but he is lying unconscious. Please help me and we will take them inside and put them to sleep.

I said- Okay father, I will hold from one side and you hold from the other side!
And then I put one of uncle’s arms around my neck, father-in-law also supported me and then slowly started taking her inside.

Uncle was holding my shoulders tightly and both my boobs were stuck to him. Perhaps uncle did not know that I was next to him, otherwise he would not have grabbed my shoulders but directly grabbed my breasts.
Then I said to my father-in-law – Father, you open the door, I will take care of uncle.

So father-in-law left uncle. I took him inside with great difficulty and said to my father-in-law – Father, you go, I will put uncle to bed and come back.
Father was already barely able to stand due to his intoxication, so he also said – Yes daughter-in-law, you come after making Bhai Sahib lie down and check on him once or twice at night and give him water etc. I said- Okay father, I will take good care of uncle.

Father-in-law left and I made uncle lie down on the bed, but while laying him down, I had to hold him from the front and at that time uncle’s chest was completely adjacent to both my breasts and his penis was also right in front of my pussy. . One of my uncle’s hands was around my neck and the other was hanging in the air. When I started to lay him down on the bed, due to his heavy weight, I could not handle it and fell on him.

I quickly looked outside to see if my father-in-law was watching… but he was gone.
For a moment I felt like lying down like this and rubbing my pussy on uncle’s penis.
Unwillingly, I got up from my uncle and looked outside and saw that my father-in-law had gone to his room.

Now more evil started coming in my mind and I thought that today I will die just by seeing uncle’s penis. Then I took off uncle’s shoes, held him by his legs and made him lie straight on the bed.
Uncle didn’t know anything.
Then I went to my room and closed the door loudly so that my mother-in-law and father-in-law knew that I had come to my room.
And after some time she again came to uncle’s room and locked the door.

I saw that uncle was still lying in the same manner as I had made him lie down. I went to uncle and called out softly so that I could know that he was sleeping for sure.
When uncle did not answer, I placed my hand on uncle’s penis.. Uff, what a penis uncle had… how big it was even while sleeping!
Now I became even more eager to see uncle’s penis… I opened the zip of uncle’s pants and put my hand inside and saw that uncle was wearing underwear.

I also opened the hook of uncle’s pants and slid down the pants, then slid down uncle’s underwear, now uncle’s sleeping 7-inch penis was in front of my eyes. Like a black, thick snake… I held his penis in my hand and made it stand straight and then started shaking it.
Uncle had a very interesting penis!

I was sitting on my knees near the bed and the penis was in front of my mouth… Anyway, it is not possible that such a big penis is in my hand and I remain without taking it in my mouth… It is not possible! I opened my lips and took the penis in my mouth. On the other hand, maybe my lips started getting intoxicating on my uncle’s penis too… Uncle’s penis slowly started getting stiff and grew from 7 inches to 8 inches and then to 9 inches… The penis was getting thicker in my mouth. .
Uff, my pussy started itching after seeing the cock.

Seeing my penis getting erect, I thought that today I will put my uncle’s penis in my pussy and even my uncle will not know and such a big penis will also quench the thirst of my pussy very well.
Uncle’s penis was still in my hand and I was rubbing it on my face and boobs like crazy.

Then I went towards uncle’s feet and pulled off his pants and also threw away his underwear. Then I opened all the buttons of his shirt. Now uncle seemed almost naked to me… his penis was still standing tight… I was going crazy after seeing the penis.

I opened the waistband of my salwar and took it off, then I also removed my shirt, bra and panty and became completely naked… I again caught hold of uncle’s penis and started massaging it vigorously.
His penis had become bigger than before, about 10-11 inches… My pussy was continuously releasing water… Uncle was lying straight and his penis was also erect upwards.

I came over uncle ji and placed my penis in the middle of my pussy with my legs on both sides. My pussy was already wet, so the 4 inch thick head of the penis opened both the lips of my pussy and entered inside. When I added a little more weight, half of uncle’s penis got inside my pussy. Uff ummh… ahhh… hay… yaah… aahhh… ahaha ahhh… moans came out of my mouth as soon as the penis went inside.

I was holding the penis from below with one of my hands and slowly the weight was being put on it and that thick and fierce penis was also entering inside, tearing my pussy. Uncle was still unconscious, but in his drunken state, he was moving his legs as if he too was feeling that his penis was entering her vagina.
Even now his penis was 4 inches outside my pussy… It was not easy to take such a big penis for the first time, so I started sitting on the penis and started moving the penis in and out.

The penis was stuck to the walls of my pussy, so I was having pain even while moving it in and out.. but I was having a lot of fun… within a short time, my wet pussy started taking the penis in and out easily and the entire penis was inside my pussy. I went.
I lay down on my uncle and started moving my penis in and out while lying down.

As uncle’s penis was getting tighter, uncle’s intoxication was also decreasing. Both my breasts were rubbing against his hairy chest. I took both my hands below uncle’s waist and took him tightly in my arms and started shaking his ass vigorously. Uncle’s penis was moving in and out of my pussy and now even in a drunken state, uncle ji was pushing his penis into my pussy by moving his waist and both his hands were also moving on my bare back.

Both of us would jerk together and uncle’s penis would penetrate deep into my pussy.

Suddenly uncle started muttering in his drunken state – Oh my sweet heart…my Pammi darling…what fun you give my Pammi…what a wonderful pussy you have…ahhh ufffa ahhh!

I was surprised to hear the name Pammi from uncle’s mouth… because aunt’s name was Minnie… then I thought maybe Pammi would be uncle’s girlfriend and he was fucking Pammi while drunk…
I thought it was good that uncle did not know about me.
Uncle was holding me tight in his arms and was fucking me from below by shaking his ass.

I was about to ejaculate, so I started shaking my ass even more vigorously and poured all my hot fluid on uncle’s penis.

I was tired but lying in my uncle’s arms, I was still getting fucked by him. Remembering Uncle Pammi, sometimes he would suck my lips and sometimes he would suck my breasts. Both his hands were roaming around my waist and my black thick silky hair.

Then suddenly uncle tried to lift me from above him and lay me on the side but due to his intoxication he could not do so. But I understood that now uncle wanted to come on top of me, so I myself moved to one side, clinging to uncle and started trying to pull uncle and bring him on top of me.
Uncle also turned and came on top of me…
I had covered my face with my hair so that even if uncle’s eyes opened, he would not be able to recognize me.

As soon as uncle came over, I raised both my legs and inserted his penis into my pussy. Uncle had started fucking me again… He would take out his entire cock from my pussy and then put it back in in one stroke… Uncle was really fucking me very hard… Both my legs were raised up. Hui was swinging in the air and I felt like screaming due to such vigorous fucking… I was trying to control myself but still sometimes the sounds of aaah ouch would come out of my mouth.

Uncle had held me so tight with his legs and both arms that it was difficult for me to move. But the way uncle was fucking me, I was enjoying a lot. Now for the second time too I was very close to ejaculating, so I also started shaking my ass in sync with uncle’s jerks.
Uncle had also increased his speed, perhaps he too was about to ejaculate. I held uncle tightly in my arms and uncle held me… we both were fucking each other fast.

My water had started flowing but uncle was still raising my legs and giving vigorous thrusts.
Now, with every stroke, the sound of aah aah was coming out of my mouth and I was feeling that now uncle will die after tearing my pussy.

Then with one or two more thrusts, uncle ji filled my pussy with all his semen and the last thrust was such that I could feel his penis along with the balls entering my pussy. At that time I even screamed loudly.

Uncle had stopped jerking but his penis was still deeply embedded in my pussy… I was also afraid that my mother-in-law or father-in-law might have heard my scream.
That’s why I wanted to get out from under uncle as soon as possible… but uncle was lying unconscious on me and it was difficult for me to remove him.

Even if uncle tried to push hard, his penis buried in my pussy would not allow her to move.

Hot semen from uncle’s penis was still dripping into my pussy, so uncle also did not want to take his penis out and I was lying buried under him.

After about an hour of fucking, uncle kept lying on me like this for 15 minutes with his cock buried in my pussy. Now his penis had also started becoming loose and was coming out of the pussy on its own… Now I too had come to life, so I pushed uncle hard and got out from below.

Uncle’s penis was smeared with my and his semen and the condition of my pussy was even worse… Uncle’s semen was coming out of the pussy as if it was flooded.
Then I cleaned my pussy with uncle’s underwear and took uncle’s sleeping penis in my mouth and started licking it.

But what was this, his penis had started getting erect again… and in his drunken state, uncle caught hold of me again and started trying to climb on me… but now I knew that if uncle again If he catches me, I will scream and call the entire village… So I somehow freed myself from uncle and left him naked like this, picked up my clothes and ran to my room.

After such fierce fucking, my legs and whole body were hurting… There was only one pussy which was completely calm because today it had quenched its thirst to the fullest with a thick cock.

I know you would also like to know what happened the next morning… but I will tell you that thing only when you mail me and ask what happened the next morning my dear sexy Komal Bhabhi…
So now bye bye to your lovely dicks from me.

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