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When I did not have a child after two years of marriage, my mother-in-law started taunting me. My friend told me about a Baba. What magic did that Baba do that my pregnancy stopped?

The place where I used to get treatment was a remote village. The city was quite a distance from there. The entire lifestyle was that of a villager. I met Kamli once during the treatment there.

When I saw Kamli for the first time, I felt as if she was a goddess of beauty. 36’s breasts, thin waist, fair complexion and full body. Looks exactly like an Apsara. On seeing her, even an impotent man’s penis would become erect.

Kamli met me once. Her mother-in-law had sent her to me for her infertility. That day she had come with her mother-in-law when I saw her for the first time.

This story is about Kamli, so I want to present it in her words. So now you listen to the further story from Kamli’s own mouth.

My name is Kamli and I am 27 years old. This incident happened to me three-four years ago. At that time it had been more than a year since I was married. Everything was going well. My husband used to go to the city for work. He used to go in the morning and return home late in the evening.

Our village was quite far from the city. That’s why many times my husband Madho used to stay at one of his friends’ places in the city. I lived in the village with my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law did not consider me less than a daughter and took full care of me, but mother-in-law is mother-in-law after all.

After a year, one day my mother-in-law said to me – Now we should think about taking the dynasty forward.
I told my mother-in-law that Madho and I had also talked about this. We ourselves are concerned about taking our lineage forward.

I told all my problems to my mother-in-law. He was also told that Madho often comes home late at night. Many times they are so tired that they fall asleep as soon as they arrive. My mother-in-law did not say anything after listening to me.

Five-six months passed like this. Now my mother-in-law’s behavior towards me slowly started changing. My mother-in-law started taunting me on the pretext of the women in the neighborhood. While I was trying my best to echo the laughter of a child in the house as soon as possible.

When I couldn’t stomach it even after two-three months, my mother-in-law started behaving very rudely with me. One day I was playing with the neighbor child.
Then my mother-in-law came to me and said – leave her and go somewhere barren. She herself is a barren land and is showering her love on the neighbours’ children. If I had known about you that you would turn out like this, I would have never allowed my daughter-in-law to marry you.

That day, I could not bear the taunt of my mother-in-law and I went inside crying. Now I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I went to my friend’s place. He told me about Dr. Sunil. I went to meet the doctor.

Doctor Sunil said that he can reach any conclusion only after investigation. The doctor asked me to come to the clinic with my husband.
When I talked to Madho about this, he got angry at me and said that he does not have time for all these useless things.

I felt disappointment from my husband also. He clearly refused that he did not want to get involved with any doctor. They do not want any investigation to be done. Rather, he instructed me that the deficiency lies within you and you should get it checked.

I told all these things to my friend. My friend told me another way for this.
She said- A very important Baba has come to the village. If you feel right then go to Baba once and show it. Who knows, they may have such a mantra that your lap will turn green. He has taken care of many women before also.

My friend’s words gave me some hope. I agreed to accept what he said. I was so fed up with my mother-in-law’s taunts that I was ready to do anything. I made up my mind to go to Baba.

Following my friend’s advice, I reached Baba. When I reached the ashram, there was already a huge crowd there. I felt that Baba must have some power that so many women have come to him to seek his blessings.

I directly went and lay down at Baba’s feet. Baba picked me up by holding my shoulders and said smilingly – What’s the matter daughter, tell me your problem.
I said- Baba, it has been two years since my marriage but till date I have not had the privilege of becoming a mother. My neighbors and my mother-in-law have made my life difficult. Please please and fill my lap.

Hearing my words, a different smile spread on Baba’s face. He looked at me from top to bottom with a tempting glance and said – Girl, you are worrying in vain. Hand over all your problems to Baba. No woman returns empty handed from this ashram.

After listening to Baba, I started seeing a ray of hope. Baba sent his follower near me. He took me towards Baba’s room. I went inside and sat down.

After some time Baba also came inside. He closed the door of the room. I was also a little nervous.
Baba said- Daughter, I will have to examine you. The problem will be known only after investigation. Are you ready for it?

I nodded my head yes.
Baba took out some water from the coil kept nearby in an earthen glass and offered it towards me and said – This is mantra water. Drink this. As soon as it goes inside your body, I will automatically know about the problem.

I took the glass from Baba’s hand and drank water. Baba sat in front of me. He started chanting some mantras. I started feeling strange. My eyes started feeling heavy. It seemed as if sleep was filling my eyes.

Looking at me, Baba said – Virgo, I have filled my body with the necessary energy through mantras. Now I am going to prepare you for having a child. If you create interference in this process then the process will not be completed. So you have to do as I say.

I was not very conscious but I could understand Baba’s words. I wanted to have a child under any circumstances, so I agreed to Baba’s advice. As soon as I said yes, Baba made me sit on one side of the throne. Baba started caressing my shoulders.

I started liking the touch of Baba’s manly hands. He slowly started moving his hands all over my body. Soon feelings of lust began to arise in my mind. Baba’s hands were roaming all over my body.

After that Baba removed the pallu of my saree. I thought this was also a part of Baba’s investigation. That’s why I didn’t say anything. But on the other hand I was also feeling intoxicated.

When Baba placed his hands on my breasts, I looked at Baba with surprise and said – Baba, what are you doing?
He said – I am not doing anything beautiful, God is doing all this. If you want to have a child, you should respect God’s will.

I became silent after listening to him. Baba pressed my breasts and looked at them. I started feeling strange. I had understood Baba’s intention and the way to give me the happiness of having a child and I was also mentally prepared for it.

Baba started pressing my breasts hard and moans started coming out of my mouth – Ahhh… Baba, what are you doing. If my husband comes to know about this, he will throw me out of the house.
Baba said- Your husband also wants that you give birth to his child. You need a child to get rid of your mother-in-law’s taunts. I am helping you in that.

Then he said while caressing my breasts – Think, if tomorrow your mother-in-law marries your husband for the second time, then you will have to leave the house. So it is better that you support me. I am trying to put all the happiness in your lap.

Baba silenced me with his arguments. Now his hands were caressing my breasts over my blouse. I also started liking it. I had never experienced such a feeling in sexual intercourse with my husband.

Then Baba made me lie down on the throne and came on top of me. He started kissing my body. I also started feeling intoxicated. I was enjoying Baba’s touch very much. He was kissing my cheeks sometimes with his lips and sometimes my neck. Sometimes he was kissing my breasts and sometimes my stomach.

I was also getting intoxicated. Then Baba lay down on my body and started sucking my lips. I too got lost in Baba’s love. I also started supporting him. We both started drinking each other’s lips.

After that Baba removed my saree from my petticoat. After removing my saree, I was left only in petticoat and blouse. Baba started kissing every part of my body. I was also becoming more intoxicated with Baba’s kisses.

Baba’s hands now moved towards my blouse. He opened my blouse and my breasts captured in my bra were now in front of Baba’s eyes. Baba also opened the string of my petticoat and lowered it. I became naked from below and remained in panty.

I was in front of Baba in bra and panty and he was looking at my body with lustful eyes. A different intoxication of lust was visible in his eyes. Baba’s magic had completely fallen on me too.

He took me in his embrace and once again started drinking the juice of my lips. I also started drinking Baba’s lips. Then Baba placed his mouth on my breasts. He started licking the valley of my breasts. I started getting more intoxicating experience from Baba’s hot tongue.

After that he opened my bra and my breasts became naked. Now I myself felt like Baba would take my milk in his mouth and start drinking it. He did exactly the same. He started drinking my breasts. I held Baba tightly in my arms and started breastfeeding him.

I was intoxicated. Baba sucked my breasts for five-seven minutes and turned them red by sucking. After that he kissed my stomach and moved towards my pussy through the navel. My panty was slowly removed and my pussy was made naked by Baba.

As if steam was coming out from the hot pussy. Baba started licking my pussy with his tongue and I started going crazy. I started pushing my pussy towards Baba’s mouth. Baba’s tongue was tickling my pussy like a snake, which was driving me crazy.

After licking my pussy for some time, Baba took off his robe. Baba had thick hair on his chest. I felt scared once after seeing Baba, but now I was yearning to have the penis in my pussy. When I looked down, I saw that between Baba’s thighs, between his thick black, large breasts, a black penis was hissing with its hood raised.

Baba’s penis was quite thick. His head was completely pink. When Baba placed his penis on my vagina and rubbed it on my vagina, I felt agony. I was excited to get fucked by Baba’s penis. Baba caressed my vagina with his penis once or twice and then pushed the head of his penis into my smooth vagina.

In the very first attempt, half of Baba’s penis entered my pussy. I felt pleasure but at the same time I started feeling pain. I never got the pleasure from my husband’s penis that I was feeling today from Baba’s penis. Baba gave another push and tearing my vagina, Baba’s penis entered the depth of my pussy.

After putting the penis in the vagina, Baba lay down on me and started moving his buttocks towards my vagina while sucking my lips with his lips. Baba’s penis started rubbing against my vagina. I started enjoying a lot. Within a short time, I started getting addicted to sex.

I myself started taking Baba’s penis by pushing my vagina towards him. Baba also started fucking my vagina with full enthusiasm. I ejaculated only after ten minutes of fucking. I became happy. But Baba was still pushing his penis into my vagina.

After five minutes Baba also suddenly started pushing hard and I felt the hot jet of semen from his penis hitting my vagina. I had never felt such hot semen. Baba ejaculated. My pussy was filled with Baba’s semen. Baba calmed down but the lust had awakened in my pussy again.

Even after Baba stopped, I continued rubbing my vagina on his penis. Baba kept sucking my breasts for five minutes. During this time Baba’s penis started getting tense again. Baba got up and put his penis in my mouth.

I took his semen soaked penis in my mouth and started sucking it. I could feel the salty taste of Baba’s semen in my mouth. Within two minutes Baba’s penis became hard once again. After that Baba again inserted his penis in my torn vagina and started fucking my pussy vigorously. By fucking for 20 minutes, Baba made my pussy a hole.

This time Baba and I ejaculated together. When I started getting up, I couldn’t even move. Difficult I controlled myself. Baba said that now you have to come here for 10 days.

After going home, I also told my husband and mother-in-law that the puja would continue at Baba’s place for ten days.
And that night I also took my husband’s penis in my pussy.

I started going to Baba every day and getting fucked. Baba fucked my pussy a lot for ten days. And every day I would also get fucked by my husband’s penis so that if the pregnancy stops, my husband and mother-in-law would not get suspicious.

He gave me a lot of pleasure. I had never received such happiness from my husband. Then I did not menstruate. There was no limit to my happiness after knowing this. Baba was still staying in the village. I first went to Baba and gave this good news.

Baba became happy and said – Daughter, your wish has been fulfilled. You keep coming to receive the prasad.
I also promised to serve Baba and then came home and told everyone the good news of my pregnancy. My husband and my mother-in-law jumped with joy after hearing this.

My husband Madho was also going to get the happiness of becoming a father. He was also infuriated but only I knew the truth. With time, I gave birth to a son and got the happiness and pride of becoming a mother. Dhongi Baba made me fulfilled with the happiness of work and children.

So friends, this was Kamli’s story. Kamli told that after having her first child, her relationship with Baba kept increasing instead of decreasing. She kept going every now and then to seek Baba’s blessings.

Kamli had completely handed over her body to Baba. Her vagina seemed to blossom with the offerings of Baba’s penis. Within three years, Kamli gave birth to three children. Today she holds her head high and proudly calls herself the mother of her three children.

The happiness that husband’s penis could not give to the child, Baba gave it.

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